AWS CLI V2 is general available since Februray 2020. BUT โ€ฆ

It is distributed as binary package (built on python and with pyinstaller that has bundled native libs) BUTโ€ฆ

  • Problem #1 this requires a decent GLIBC and probably won’t run on older redhat distributions
  • Problem #2 as it turns out many people use the official docker images to build their images and push to AWS ECR. and since these images are based on alpine and therefore use MUSL and NOT GLIBC it simply won’t run (but well people have seen now alpine pipelines in AWS builds although they do NOT support any other linux than their own; probably THEY HAVE TO)
  • Problem #3 you now have to download the application to update it (hey, the way to install software on windows or mac? but hey an own updater with aws/install –update)
  • Problem #4 forget installing and updating from pip for now; well you can directly pip from repo BUT it’s tricky. although the version says 2.0.38 (no beta or alpha!) it still requires a botocore==2.0.0dev42. i guess they should suffix a “ga” for “General Availability”.
  • Problem #5 If you belong to the majority (or the people with broken python installations) please refrain from saying “I have no problems! It’s better now!”

Anyway, they have some nyce features now and it seems they packed aws-shell right into to CLI:

UPDATE: It is possible to use GLIBC in Alpine and also get the size of WS CLI down:

How to get AWS-CLI v2 down from 127M to 67M

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