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Markdown Notestaking

Some notestaking apps you should give a try. At least Notion is very promising (yet you have to pay)

Note: In the end I go with Visual Studio Code and it’s Markdown Editors. Boostnote was the best free application (yet with bugs). Notion is the best paid app matching for my requirements 馃槈

Web UX

Markdown WYSIWYM editors


  • ASSH Go wrapper around SSH with automated hops and gateways
  • USB Power Saving (Thinkpad)
  • [List of Linux Monitoring Tools])
  • Tracktion7
  • OS Query use to query system resources by Facebook


  • CodeStream – make working on soruce code collaborative (intelligent and live comments 馃槈

Web Scraping and Acceptance Testing

Forget PhantomJS or Selenium! Nightmare is the shit if you wanna quickly scrap data or need a background browser. Of course Acceptance Testing should be done with WebDriveIO.

Android Apps


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