Update Confluence Page by API

You can create you own API token here: https://id.atlassian.com/manage/api-tokens and live-update any information you want. The script basicaly creates a HTML file, pumps it by JQ into a JSON-file and uploads it.

# Update Confluence page by API

# Strict mode
set -euo pipefail

# Some informations

# Create temp dir
TMP=$( mktemp -d )

# Shutdown handler
shutdown() {
# Cleanup temp directory
if [ -e "$TMP" ]; then
rm -fr "$TMP"
trap shutdown TERM EXIT

# We first need current page version for update with next-page version
curl --silent --user ${AUTH} ${API_URL}/content/${PAGEID} > ${TMP}/current.json
VERSION=$( cat ${TMP}/current.json | jq '.version.number' )
NEXTVERSION=$( expr 1 + ${VERSION} )
echo Got Version: ${VERSION}

# Get information
create page.txt

# Create HTML file
echo "

Date of creation: $( date --utc )
<pre>$( cat ${TMP}/page.txt | sed 's/$/<br\>/g' | tr -d '\n' )</br\></pre>
" > ${TMP}/page.html

# Prepare upload JSON with JQ
cat ${TMP}/page.html | jq -sR "@text | {\"id\":\"$PAGEID\",\"type\":\"page\",\"title\":\"Information Gathering\",\"space\":{\"key\":\"${SPACE}\"},\"body\":{\"storage\":{\"value\": . ,\"representation\":\"storage\"}},\"version\":{\"number\":${NEXTVERSION}}}"  > ${TMP}/upload.json

# Upload
curl \
--silent \
--user ${AUTH} \
-X PUT -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-T ${TMP}/upload.json \
${API_URL}/content/${PAGEID} \

echo Updated Version: ${NEXTVERSION}

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