Anti-Patterns and Mental Downers

Most known about anti-patterns. This is now more about the psychological side.

It happened to me that I thought there must be a release chat and tried to gather information about it, asked in the company chat 鈥 no one answers. Finally I was added two month late. Today I recognized I was forget when gettign acces to some Shared Googe Drive folder. But everyone thought I know about the information that was shared within there. Because it is taken as obvious.

Perfectionism聽is good for your work? Nope! The psychological definition says 鈥渟uffering from not beeing enough鈥, 鈥渦nmeetable high standards鈥.

It鈥檚 even more a downer when you are in an complex environment that always asks 鈥渨hen it will be ready?鈥 鈥淚 can鈥檛 imagine that this is such a big problem!鈥.

The opposite is聽conscientiousness. Do you work well, gather information you need, communicate, be gentle. Care about quality of human interactions, quality of you work and then the product will also be good.

A聽false consensus聽effect or聽pluralistic ignorance聽very common among developers.

But聽most important is to know about cognitive biases聽and that聽others are humans, too:

Always look on the bright side of life! Evolve! I think that this is important!

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